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In 2017 an innovative cohort of companies used GivX to track their community investment.

They are pioneering a new data-driven approach to CR, and a new language to discuss it.

The top "GivX 25" were awarded the GivX Award for Community Investment

A full write-up of the inaugural event, the scores of the GivX 25 and key findings is available below.

The GivX 25 include:

ITV GivX Award
John Lewis GivX Award
Dixons Carphone GivX Award
National Grid GivX Award
Freshfields GivX Award
Cisco GivX Award

How can I get involved?

To calculate your GivX score and enter the award you need to supply only six data points on your UK Community Investment.

These will always be kept completely anonymous.

Total Financial Contribution

we upload volunteering opportunties

£ Staff Fundraising Total

we upload volunteering opportunties

£ Cash & Matched Giving Total

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£ Value of In-Kind Donations

Total Time Contribution

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# Un-skilled Volunteering Hours

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# Skilled Volunteering Hours

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# Pro-bono Hours

These six figures are aggregated into your total GivX Points

What Data is made Public?

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Just Two Numbers.

Only your GivX Points and GivX Points per Capita will ever be shared publicly.

(and only if you're in the the GivX 25)

Entries for the 2018 Award will open in the Spring

In the meantime, enter your details to download the 2017 report and the community investment calculator

Doing business responsibly has never been more important...

Employees value CSR motif

79% of employees say it affects where they choose to work

Employees value CSR motif

84% of consumers say it affects what they buy and where they shop

Employees value CSR motif

67% of investors say it affects what stocks or funds they invest in

GivX is here to help.

GivX is a free-to-use annual index of corporate giving. We collect data on different types of volunteering, donations in kind and financial gifts. It values your contributions at what they're worth to the community.

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