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GivX 2019 Report

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GivX 2019 Report

"Top performing companies give almost four times more back to the community for every pound they spend in their operational budget"

With a record number of companies taking part in 2019, we’ve been given unprecedented insight into current UK community investment. For the first time ever, we also surveyed CSR practitioners on the resources they have to support their work.

This year, we’ve discovered that top performing companies give almost four times more back to the community for every pound they spend in their operational budget.

Download the GivX 2019 report to find out who the top performing companies are, how they use their budget so effectively and to learn about the staff, targets and policies behind UK community investment programmes.

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Congratulations to the 2019 GivX 25

The GivX 25 included:

National Grid GivX Award
British Land GivX Award
ITV GivX Award
Turner GivX Award
Capital Group GivX Award

Congratulations to our top-scoring SMEs

The GivX SME 10 included:

Softwire GivX Award
Ipswich Building Society GivX Award
Shaftesbury GivX Award
Formation Architect GivX Award
Impact Creative GivX Award

Download the 2019 GivX Report

What is GivX, how do I use GivX and the GivX Advisory Board

What is GivX?

GivX is a framework which helps you analyse, benchmark and celebrate your community investment

Use GivX to value your UK financial donations and volunteering and calculate your GivX score: the pound value of what you give for each person at your firm.

You can use your GivX score to analyse your giving programme, benchmark against other organisations, and communicate the great work you are doing.

Your score will be kept confidential, unless you win a GivX award, in which case your organisation will be celebrated in our annual GivX report and at our prestigious GivX awards ceremony in September.

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How do I use GivX?

To calculate your Community Value, get your GivX score and see your benchmarks you need only six data points on your UK Community Investment.

Your data is submitted through via our snazzy online dashboard where you can see your awards, your Community Value totals and benchmarking in one place.

GivX Business Advisory Group

GivX 2019 was developed with the support of our fantastic business advisory group

GivX Advisory Group Member

Clayton Costa

Corporate Responsibility Manager, ITV

GivX Advisory Group Member

John Sage

Corporate Responsibility Manager, Tideway

GivX Advisory Group Member

Kate Hursthouse

Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager, Slaughter and May

GivX Advisory Group Member

Kirsty Christy

Head of Corporate Citizenship, FTI Consulting

GivX Advisory Group Member

Joanne Hammond

Community Investment Lead, British Land

GivX Advisory Group Member

Luke Wellock

Corporate Responsibility Manager, Leeds Building Society

GivX Advisory Group Member

Folusho Falegan

Corporate Communications Manager, Pernod Ricard

GivX Advisory Group Member

F. Stewart-Sandeman

Learning and Development Consultant, Fidessa

Download the 'Business Case for GivX'

Download the 2019 GivX Report

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GivX 2020

Submissions for GivX 2020 open in April

Submissions for 2020 will open in April 2020. As ever, taking part will be free, simple and confidential.

Check out the winners of the GivX Awards in the 2019 GivX Report.

Download the 'Business Case for GivX'

Download the GivX 2019 Report

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